Aluminium spinnaker pole

A spinnaker pole is part of the rigging of symmetrical or asymmetrical spinnakers.

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It is held horizontally by a top and a downhaul, connected to the spinnaker by the arm opposite the downwind boom.

For small boats it is a spinnaker pole with piston ends at both ends.

For large boats, one end of the spinnaker pole fits into a bell on the mast and the other end has a piston end fitting.

The latter is operated by a rope running along the longitudinal axis of the spar.

An automatic spinnaker pole tip is said to be an automatic spinnaker pole tip when the piston closes automatically when the spinnaker arm engages in the jaws.

Standard; the plunger is operated manually.

Our aluminium spinnaker poles are sold in different lengths and diameters.

The length of your spinnaker pole corresponds to the J-measure of your boat, i.e. the distance between the forestay plate and the mast foot.

The maximum recommended length per diameter :

Pole length max 3.2ml: Ø 50 diameter tube
Pole of max. length 4 ml: tube of diameter Ø 60
Pole of max. length 4.5 ml: 80 mm diameter tube
Pole of max. length 5 ml: tube of diameter Ø 100