Sailonet offers you all type of additional equipment for your boat.

We are providing sticky national codes, sail repair kits and bags for storage made of acrylic cloth as well as sail bags and plenty of other stuff.

  • Small stuff

    Small stuff

    You have lost your push batten? A fitting for your battens? You have broken a zip on one of your covers? All this you can find here!

    Also check out our air sleeve to ventilate your cabin properly.

  • Sailbags
  • Guard wire kit


    How old is your rigging? How are your life lines ?
    Rust stains appear on the crimp terminations?
    Will your insurance cover you in case of damage?

    Often forgotten in the general maintenance of the boat, the rigging is put to under a lot of pressure and get damaged with time.

    For optimum safety, and depending on the size of the boat, shrouds should be changed regularly on average every 15 to 18 years...

    Changing shrouds and make an identical one is quite simple . Sailonet is offering a brand new service :


     Realize your wire by your own and get your price immediatly 

     Get 10% discount on your wire price offer as soon as you buy Sailonet sails !


    Leadtime will depend on the number of shrouds to make, it usually takes from 3 to 10 days. For safety lines, there is a kit that you can find below.

  • Storage
  • Reparation / maintenance
  • Bagagerie