Headsail furlers

All sails such as Code 0, Code D, furling S, Gennaker, equipped with an anti-torsion cable are storable by simple furlers. Facnor, Profurl and Karver offers a wide choice. Depending on the weight and size of your boat, combined with the sail area, you will find the right product. Don't forget the furling line (continuous line).

The specific "spis" furlers are designed to be disengageable. The upper part (the swivel) is furled before the lower part (the furling line). Harken has manufactured an efficient and technical product thanks to its "reflex" anti-twist cable.

Furling a headsail without its own anti-twist cable can be tricky and cause rapid damage to the fabric. When furling the sail, make sure that you limit the leech and edge tensions as much as possible.