Sail protection

Worst enemy for your sails are UVs. For the protection of your sails we have chosen the best acrylic fabrics made by Sunbrella.

Used as UV-protection on your sails or for the fabrication of covers and lazy bags, these fabrics are providing the best results in terms of solidity and durability.

Careful: as resistant these fabrics are against UVs, they don’t like friction!

  • Lazybags & lazyjacks

    Lazybags & lazyjacks

    The lazy bag protects the mainsail but in first line enables you to keep it properly on the boom. It exists in 1 or in 2 pieces. The 2 pieces model has a removable part around the mast with is supposed to be taken off while sailing.

    Our lazybags are produced of Sunbrella fabric and are delivered with corresponding battens.

    The lazyjacks need to be ordered separately.

  • Covers and protections


    The mainsail cover needs to be completely taken off while sailing. It’s quickly set after sailing thanks to its clips.

    The jib covers and sleeves are protecting sails without UV-protection.

    These products are custom-made of acrylic tissue by Sunbrella.

  • Deckbags


    Protect and store your headsail with our deckbag. Custom made of acrylic tissue by Sunbrella, you can choose the right color which is matching with all other protections you’re carrying on board. The net on the bottom allows to evacuate the water.

  • Maintenance Accessoires

    Maintenance Accessoires

    Specific products by Sunbrella, such as Tex’Aktiv Clean and Tex’Aktiv Guard are allowing to clean and make your covers and bags waterproof again.

  • Porthole covers

    Porthole covers

    The porthole cover allows you to cover and protect the portholes of your boat.