Genoa furler

The genoa furler allows to reduce the sail’s surface easily and safely while the increases.

It’s frequently used for coastal or blue water sailing, for solo or crewed navigations. For boats bigger than 12m it’s also nice to have for your staysail.

All products are reliable, robust, approved and easy to install.

The choice of the right model depends on the length of the boat, the length of the stay and it’s diameter.

Don't hesitate to contact us for any sort of further information concerning the installation, the maintenance, warranties, etc….

  • Facnor

    For more than 30 years, thanks to its sense of innovation and dialogue with the best skippers in the world, Facnor's Research and Development department has adapted and perfected several ranges of specific furling systems corresponding to a particular type of sailing.
    Everyone will thus find the appropriate reefing system for his or her programme at sea: drum (LS/LX/RX) and webbing (FD) reefing-furling systems.

    Drum Furling Systems

    The LS-LX-RX range has already been extensively tested on all the seas of the globe and benefits from new developments, notably with Torlon® ball bearing architectures that provide greater winding flexibility and Torx® screws for easy disassembly. The Facnor brand genoa furling systems are divided into 3 distinct ranges, each with its own specific features:

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    The LS range is suitable for all types of "cruising" boats.


    The LX furlers form a "luxury cruising" range with a removable drum, a rotating tack and a stainless steel sail entry.


    If you are racing, RX furling systems will satisfy you with their aerodynamic and lightweight profiles, a rotating tack and a removable drum for use as a hollow forestay.

    You don't know which furling system is suitable for your boat? Help yourself with this DOCUMENT.

    Download the documentation of the LS/LX/RX ranges

    Webbing reels

    The FlatDeck is a webbing reel. This innovative system allows safe and easy winding/unwinding: no overtravel and a high winding torque. And especially with the FlatDeck drum you get maximum guidance.


    Download the documentation of the FD range

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