Custom Made Sails by Sailonet

For easy and friendly use the web page offers two kind of constructions and materials (Dacron Cross Cut and Triradials with laminated fabrics), still Sailonet can build any kind of sails for any kind of boats, going from Vertical cuts, vintage boats, membranes or any other.

From carbon membrane to classical yacht materials, we can meet all your expectations. If you have a special request, please send us your details via email and we will get back to you with a personalised quotation.

All materials are carefully chosen – Bainbridge, Contender, Challenge, Dimension Polyant as sailcloth, Rutgerson and Aquabatten for the accessories, eyelets, slider, batten receiver, Sunbrella, Dickson Constant for UV-protection.

All our sails are designed by CAD (Computer aided design) and cut by digital laser. We are particularly surveying all fabrication details : the design and the sail’s shape, the choice of cloth for each sail, the dimension and conception of reinforcements, the reinforced batten pockets …

The care given to the fabrication, the finish, the permanent controls of all components allows us to provide a 2 year warranty on all our sails.