Boat equipment

Sailonet offers you all necessary equipment for your boat at a reasonable price.

Besides our spinnaker socks, known for best quality/price ratio, we have a good choice of furlers, reefing systems, bow-sprits, produced by well known brands such as Facnor, ProFurl, VMG, Karver, Sparcraft, and - off course - Harken.

  • Headsail furlers

    Genoa furler

    The genoa furler allows to reduce the sail’s surface easily and safely while the increases.

    It’s frequently used for coastal or blue water sailing, for solo or crewed navigations. For boats bigger than 12m it’s also nice to have for your staysail.

    All products are reliable, robust, approved and easy to install.

    The choice of the right model depends on the length of the boat, the length of the stay and it’s diameter.

    Don't hesitate to contact us for any sort of further information concerning the installation, the maintenance, warranties, etc….

  • Furlers
  • Jibboom


    The bowsprit allows to advance the sailing surface. Depending on your capacities there is a retractable version which is more or less simple to install.

    We have chosen bowsprits produced by the brand VMG due to their attractive price and a fairly simple mounting.

    The bowsprit in aluminum is sufficiently solid to carry an asymmetric spinnaker or the Furling S. Would you like to use a Code 0 or a gennaker with higher load on the cable it would be strongly recommended to add a bobstay.

  • Equipements de spi
  • Gale Sail

    Gale Sail

    With the gale sail produced by ATN you don't need a flying forestay any longer.

    There is no more need to unroll and get the headsail down since the Gale Sail is fixed over the furled Genoa. It also avoid any accidental unfurling of the Genoa.

    The gale sail can be hoisted with a e.g. Spinnaker halyard, there is no need to adapt anything else.

  • Storm jibs

    Storm Jibs

    Our storm jibs are available in orange or white colored Dacron. Please chose the suitable size for your boat.