Frequently asked questions

In a couple of words -  the main arguments for choosing Sailonet for your future sails!

Something we definitely do not hide – Sailonet sails are not produced in France. Our production plant is based in Tunisia, between Sousse and Monastir. Our sailmaker is the only one worldwide who received an ISO 9001 certification, and this already in 2006. To us it seems essential to provide you with perfectly produced sails in order to provide confort and pleasure during many years.

Our sails make the difference – in terms of quality and the materials chosen to build them.

A second important point is our service and advice we’re providing to our clients during the pre-production period of their sails.

We are outstanding from our competitors in terms of prices.

Your sails are technical products build with high complexity which requires therefor a perfect adaption to your boat and sailing program.

For all flat sails Sailonet is exclusively using Dacron cloth (polyester with high tenacity).

- The Dacron we are using for the production is provided by the best known fabricants: Dimension Polyant, Contender and Bainbridge.

- This is also the case for all spinnakers – only best material is chosen for a perfect fitting of all sails (symmetric, asymmetric, Furling S, …)

- All necessary accessories used for the production of your sail are of high quality.

- The quality of the materials used for our products corresponds a 100% to the quality used by the market leaders.

Sailonet relies on a well reputated production plant which is as well providing sails to all famous  European boatyards.

Established about 15 years ago, 150 employees, a board with over 7500 m2 of surface, 3 machines for Lectra cutting (one with laser) and a machine adapted for cutting spinnaker cloth and sophisticated production procedures made this sailmaker the only one worldwide receiving the ISO 9001/2000 certification in 2006.

The design-office, composed by three designers in charge of your sails and the selection of its materials is based on the Atlantic coast.

Like in all other activity-sectors, the Internet is playing a more and more important role in terms of reducing complexity of purchases and productions: compression of volume, shortening of distribution circuits – all this enables to reduce the final price.

Due to it’s generated volume Sailonet turned into on of the protagonists in terms of price reduction during the production of quality sails – for following reasons :

    • The purchase of first class material in major quantities is obviously reducing the unity price.
    • A direct access to the producer without going through European agents improves the seller price.

    • Unique production possibilities (cut, assembling, etc)

    • High productivity due to the amount of fabricated sails

    • An efficient production, known and appreciated due to its know-how.

This is why already more than 6000 clients trust in our work by using Sailonet sails.

The Sailonet team consists of experienced and passionated people who are guiding you and designing, producing and delivering your sails.

Frenchman Jean-Francois CRUETTE is the head behind Sailonet – having spent his entire career for and with materials dedicated to sail,s he is an expert for sail cloth and its use, a professional racer and navigator.

The procedure for taking measures is organized and guided by a network of professionals.

Pascaline is your contact in terms of logistic and delivery time

We remain at your disposal – anytime – by mail or phone. Don't hesitate to contact us.