The bowsprit allows to advance the sailing surface. Depending on your capacities there is a retractable version which is more or less simple to install.

We have chosen bowsprits produced by the brand VMG due to their attractive price and a fairly simple mounting.

The bowsprit in aluminum is sufficiently solid to carry an asymmetric spinnaker or the Furling S. Would you like to use a Code 0 or a gennaker with higher load on the cable it would be strongly recommended to add a bobstay.

  • Soromap bowsprits

    SOROMAP bowsprit  in a few words: 

    Simple, discreet, efficient, economical

    It is fixed with 4 screws only.The fastening is secured with a very tough strap, not offensive, discrete, readily removable with a velcro strap and a pin ball. Ideal for asymmetric spinnakers and gennaker.

    Find here the documentation 

    Front Bearing Plan


    Size to choose

    of pole
    Indication of use, yacht sizes in feet 


    offset in cm

    L fore fastener/back fastener Standards lenghts in cm
     L1 L2  L3 
    60mm <30   70  70 140  170  300 
    70mm from 30 to 35  80  80  160   200 300 
    80mm from 30 to 40  90   90 180  300   400



  • Sparcraft bowsprit

    The bowsprit Sparcraft

    Sparcraft, offers a range of removable bowsprit, swivel, adjustable on boats from 25 to 57 feet, for asymetrical spinnakers and also gennakers. The system is easy to use, quick fitting and allows complete freedom and clears the foredeck. 

    Find here the documentation 


    Which size to choose

    of pole in


    Indication of use, yacht sizes in feet 


    spinnakers in sqm


     in sqm

     Standard length in


    70mm from 23' to 36'  60 37* 160 
    80mm from 36' to 40'  82  52*  180 
    90mm from 40' à 47'    102  65* 190 
    100mm from 48' to 57'    130/150  105* 200

     *  To be used with a briddle