Spinnaker sock


The spinnaker sock facilitates the lowering of the symmetrical or asymmetrical spinnaker.

A special sheath is sewn onto the outside of the sleeve to allow the rope to be passed through separately, preventing it from becoming entangled with the spinnaker during manoeuvres.

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5,00 €

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The sock can be used with a symmetrical or asymmetrical spinnaker. It is preferable that the Spinnaker's clew does not fit into the sock because it is then more complicated to retrieve it to fix its sheets there.

The length of the sock depends on the length of the fall of your spinnaker.

If the length of your boat's spinnaker fall does not correspond exactly to the one proposed by the site, you can modify it by switching to Expert mode.

Bowl size

Socks up to 10m: 40cm x 21,5cm

Socks from 10 to 15m : 46cm x 25cm

Sock over 15m: 68cm x 42cm

Manufacturing time: 15 days - 3 weeks.